Guarantee of Confidentiality

Guarantee of Confidentiality

All personnel and Auditor SQA Certification guarantees and signed the integrity Pact on Security “CONFIDENTIALITY”, the mentioned that Include :

1. Policy and regulation, through legally enforceable agreement, to secure the confidentiality of information obtained or created during the performance of certification activities at all levels of its structure, including committees and external bodies or individuals acting its behalf.

2. Information to customers who become public domain, but all the information is considered confidential unless the customer information provided to the public.

3. Information on specific customer or individual should not be disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the customer or the individual concerned. If based on the low, SQA Certification requested to provider confidential information to third parties, subscribers or individuals concerned be informed in advance about the information provided unless regulated by law.

4. Information about the customers from sources other that the customer as the complainant, regulators treated as confidential, consistent with the policy of SQA Certification.

5. Personnel, including any committee members , contractors, personnel of external bodies or individuals acting on behalf of SQA Certification, maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained or created during the execution of certification activities

6. Provision and use of equipment such us documents, records and facilities to ensure the safe handling of confidential information.

7. Notification when confidential given to other organizations such as accreditation agencies, the agreement in the group certification scheme SQA Certification inform customers about this action.