In order to implement the appeal SQA Certification

- Have a documented process to received, evaluate and decisions on appeals.

- Provide explanation to the public appeals handling process.

- Responsible for all decisions at all levels of the appeals handling process.

- Ensure that the personnel involved in handling appeals process different from the personnel performing the audit and make certification decision.

- Generate submission, investigation and decision of appeal against the appellant are not discriminatory.

- Cover at least the following elements and methods:

a. Outline of the process for receiving, validating and investigation the appeal, and to decide on the action to be taken, taking into account the result of previous similar appeals.

b. Scanning (tracing) and record appeals, including action taken to completion, and

c. Ensure that corrections and appropriate corrective action has been performed

- Notify the receipt of the appeal and submit a progress report as well as the results (outcomes) to the appellant.

- Communicate the decision to the applicant appeals that have been made by or reviewed and approved by one or more individuals who  were not previously involved in the subject of the appeal, and

- A formal statement to the appellant at the end af the appeal-handling process.