Suspend, Revocation or Reduction of The Scope Certification

Suspend, Revocation or Reduction of The Scope Certification

In order to implement Suspend, Revocation, or Reducing Scope of Certification :

1. Have documented policies and procedures for freezing, removing, or reducing the scope of certification, and 

2. Specifies important measures undertaken by SQA Certification

3. Suspend certification in the case of

4. Has as binding agreement with its customers to ensure that in case of suspension, the customer is prohibited from using the certification for the purposes of further promotion, SQA Certification will make clotting status certification accessible to the public and take other actions as appropriate.

5. Revoke or reduce the scope of certification doas not exceed six(6) months.

6. Reduce the scope of the certification of the customer for the parts that its not meet the requirements, if the customer fails to completely fulfill the certification requirement for those parts of the scope of the certification. Any reduction in tune with the requirements of the standard used for certification.

7. Has a binding agreement with a customer who certifies the requirements relating to the revocation of the warrant for revocation of certification, customers do not continue to use the certification in advertising materials containing reference certification status.

8. Stated correctly the status of the customer management system certification, suspended, revoked or reduced.