Registration Mark

Registration Mark

Rules for The Use of Logo or Mark In Advertising and Publicity as Defined In IAf GD-2.

The use of Logo is governed by the SQA Certification International conditions and instructions applicable to use of logo.The use of accreditation and certification marks by certified companies. In case of lab certification, a separate instruction will be issued to the clients.

1. This could be a tangible product itself or product in an individual package, container etc.

2. This could be over-packaging made of cardboard etc. that can be reasonably considered as not reaching end users.

3. This applies to symbols that have a specific form including some basic description of its applicability. A statement in words alone does not constitute a symbol in this sense. Any such wording should be true and not mislead.

4 . This could be a clear statement that “(this product was) manufactured in a plant whose management system is certified as being in conformity with (standard)”.

5. The symbol may then only be used as specified in this document.