Client Record

Client Record

Client Record

In the document recording the applicant and customer :

1. Maintain record audit and other certification activities for all requesting organization and all organizations audited, certified or certification suspended or revoked.

2. Contains information recording customer information include the following :

- Application information and initial audit report, surveillance, and recertification;

- Certificate agreement;

- Justification for the timing of the auditor; verification of correction and corrective action;

- Record of complaints and appeals, and the corrective actions; the consideration and decision of the committee, if there is documentation of the certification decisions;

- Certification documents, including the scope of certification with respect to product, process, or service if any;

- Related record necessary to establish the credibility of the certification as avidence of the competence of auditors and experts.

3. Keep record of applicant and customers to ensure that the information is kept confidential. Recording transmitted or transfereed in a way that ensures that confidentiality maintained.

4. Have documented policies and procedures on record retention period. Recordings are stored for the last one full certification cycle.